Hola! I’m Pablo
and I’m crazy
about Quinoa!

I’ve always loved South America. During one of my trips in the Andes I discovered Quinoa, an Ancient plant that grows on extremely high altitudes in the Andes Moutains.




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Pablo's wants to grow and we need you for that. Because we want more people to replace their empty carbs with quinoa. This way you get all essential nutrients such as proteins and fiber and feel satiated for longer. Do you want to know more? Then read on!


When you feel fuller for longer, you will eat less. Yeah duh, you might think. But there is more to it. Because thanks to quinoa, you will not have peaks in your blood sugar levels that cause those sweet cravings or after-dinner dips. Unlike when you eat rice, pasta or potatoes! This way you can last longer on one meal and you get more nutrients such as fiber and proteins. But now I'm starting to repeat myself.


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Oh, and please also look at the figures below, because quinoa also has a lot less impact on the climate than rice.


I'm telling you, quinoa is not just a seed, it's a miracle! 



full of fiber and packed with protein!

Pablo's Wholegrain Quinoa Seeds

twice as nice as rice!

Now that you've read our story, you probably want to know how much more nutritious (and sustainable) quinoa is compared to white rice, right? That is why we have created the table below. Now be honest, did you expect these differences?


  Quinoa Rice
Carbohydrates (g) 59,4 78,5
Fiber (g) 7,3 1,3
Protein (g) 14,6 7
Magnesium (mg) 160 10
Calcium (mg) 47 10
Iron (mg) 5,8 0,6
Water (liter) 20 5000
Carbon emissions (kg) 0,85 1,84
Methane emissions (kg/hectare) 0 75


We believe that it is much better to eat quinoa than fast carbs such as rice. That's why we say #QuinoaTheCarbs! Let's go from nasi to qui-nasi, from risotto to quin-otto and from poke bowl to po-quinoa bowl! So bye bye blood sugar spikes and after dinner dips and viva la quinoa revolución! 



We are on a mission to help everyone become fitter and more energetic, so that we can all take on the whole world again!


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