Quinoa is the
perfect plant
for protein!



it's a full-fledged Meat substitute!

Quinoa is one of the best plants for protein out there! It’s high in protein, much higher than other grains. And it's a complete protein, one of the only plant foods that contains all nine of the essential amino acids in an almost perfect balance! And last but not least, quinoa has a high protein biological value (73%), similar to that of beef!


So it will probably not surprise you that more and more vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians around the globe are embracing Quinoa as a full-fledged meat substitute! 


Quinoa vs Brown rice is an easy win for Quinoa!

Quinoa is a


It provides a ton of fiber!

But it doesn’t stop with protein, on the contrary even! This nutritional powerhouse also provides a ton of fiber, more than twice as much as most other grains.


And it is a good source of vitamins B and E and important minerals such as iron, magnesium and zinc.


Quinoa boosts
your mood
and energy!


It gives you energy, that releases gradually rather than in one burst!

Although it’s a seed, Quinoa has the same health benefits as whole grains. It has a low glycemic index which means that it won’t spike your blood sugar. This is due to the high protein and fiber content that both slow down the digestion process.


Foods that don’t spike your blood sugar give you energy that releases gradually rather than in one burst, keeping you on a steady level throughout the day. So if you want to boost your mood and energy level, eating Quinoa is a great place to start!


Quinoa is incredibly versatile!

Quinoa is a
low footprint
super seed!



The original ancient Quinoa grows where nothing else can grow. High-up in the Andes, on barren, salty soil and well adapted to extremely low temperatures, it makes do with the little rain that gets there. This is the place where Quinoa belongs. It’s a miracle.


Tended by the indigenous people for centuries, in complete harmony with nature and naturally organic, it is nature at work, not machines! It's pure and simple and nature knows what it’s doing. So we leave it that way. Because only by respecting nature will this plant produce its super seeds, without harming our precious planet.


Water waste of producing Quinoa vs Beef or Rice


We're on a mission to change the way we grow and eat food for the sake of our health and our planet. So eat plant-based for a change! Together we regenerate our planet!  


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