Hola! I’m Pablo
and I’m crazy
about Quinoa!

I’ve always loved South America. During one of my trips in the Andes I discovered Quinoa, a native plant that grows on extremely high altitudes.


a high protein, low footprint super seed!

It produces tiny little seeds that are high in protein, much higher than most grains. And  it’s a complete protein, one of the only plant foods offering a perfect balance of all essential amino acids. And despite coming all the way from South America, it has an exceptionally low CO2 footprint!


It’s the perfect plant for protein, that everyone should eat! It's such an amazing seed, for both people and planet! That’s why I revolutionized Quinoa. To make it super tasty, super easy and super fun for everyone! Now is the time to give Quinoa a go!


Your taste buds will thank you and I’ll be a proud Pablo!


Our ready-to-(h)eat pouches are super tasty, super easy & super fun for everyone!

Pablo's Quinoa Pouches - product line

Goodbye boring, bland Quinoa!

With Pablo’s ready-to-(h)eat pouches, everyone can serve the most delicious Quinoa within 1 minute! Enjoy the world's best-loved cuisines, full of fantastic flavors with only natural, organic and plant-based ingredients. Your perfect, nutritious meal during the busy working days!


Finally something different than that sandwich every day! And with every 100 grams of meat that you replace with our pouches, you save 1,000 liters of water! That equates to 3 weeks of no shower! 


Goodbye boring, bland Quinoa. Long live Pablo’s Quinoa Revolución!


Let’s all switch to

plants for protein!


towards a livable planet!

We’re a vegan brand for meat eaters. Please don’t get me wrong, of course we’re super proud of all our vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian fans. But our single biggest challenge is to tempt all meat eaters around the world to make the switch to plants for protein.


Because only if we all drastically cut our current meat consumption can we combat climate change and give farmland back to nature.


This is our roadmap to a livable planet and a healthy and happy life! 



It’s revolución time!

Time to radically change our devastating food system! That’s why we are building our own farm-to-fork Quinoa chain that is healthy for people, fair for our partners and regenerating our planet. We lead by example and challenge everyone to join! Together we fix our food system and keep our planet livable!

Join our revolución!